Here's our story

Most companies put their values into a manifestoWe rather put them into action. Here's what that looks like.

From the beginning it was all about people.

Realising traditional property relationships lacked efficiency, transparency and accountability, we got to work on analysing exactly why, and how we could empower people to engage in a better way.

ProprHome is the first marketplace to reward professional agents for developing a positive reputation.
John McCoyCEO at ProprHome

But soon it became obvious how much trust was lacking.

Without trust in the properties provided to you. Without trust in the people you engage with, or in the general process, how can we build meaningful relationships and have confidence you're in the right hands?

ProprHome enables users to build a verifiable professional history boosting trust, and strengthening relationships
John McCoyCEO at ProprHome

Ultimately giving us an appetite to improve efficiency

Understanding the various common nuances between markets, we have been able to identify several points of friction which we havefocused on improving with the use of the latest in AI and blockchain technology.

ProprHome is focused on increasing value an effiency within the sales cycle for all users.
Renata BuranelloMarketing Lead at ProprHome

The day you join us to experience ProprHome

ProprHome provides rewarding real estate, for everyone. Satisfying the needs of agents, owners and customers.

Ready to take experience the difference?

ProprHome enables users to build a verifiable professional history boosting trust, and strengthening relationships
John McCoyCEO at ProprHome

Enabling trusted real estate experience

ProprHome is a residential property ecosystem focused on enabling all parties to engage in a more trusted real estate experience. Our goal is to provide strong, scalable infrastructure that looks to promote the best people, and opportunities in the market. We envisage a future where the market is empowered to educate, connect and verify through our ProprHome community.

Why agents use us

  1. 1. To develop a long lasting brand
  2. 2. To engage with deeply qualified clients
  3. 3. To benefit from every customer interaction

PorprHome rewards differently

We reward users with Propr tokens (PRP), ProprHome's reputational currency. All registered customers receive an opening PRP balance. Our customers can use this balance to place official offers, tip agents and secure partner service discounts. Agents can can spend them on boosting their brand, subscription fee, or a variety of partner services.

Why customers love us

Our fundamental market appeal is that we have a verifiable offer history on each property. We provide high quality knowledge where customers can learn ‘how to' from real industry experts. We value empathy by giving our customers access to verified reviews to digest before choosing who they want to work with.

Trusted Insurance options

ProprHome provides a fully digital insurance experience in partnership with Tranquilidade, one of Portugals leading insurers. We plan on further developing the partnership to provide additional insurance products.

Why ProprHome is the best choice for property search and discovery

ProprHome is a property marketplace developed on XRP Ledger to ensure we have a verfied record of all transactions and interactions. This allows us to support our customers in a whole new way.

Why we use the blockchain technology

Blockchain allows companies like ProprHome to create a verifiable database of interactions which can empower better buying decisions. We can also creaste verifiable historical lineage of each property allwoing us to ensure we provide better value to the market